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[[ Huehue, welcome! XDD 

Also; -waves hello like a maniac- Thanks for following me back! 

I’m also really.. REALLY new here on Tumblr.. so, yeah! I don’t know why that’s important info but yeah! :) ]]

// well welcome to tumblr then! and it’s no problem uvu

i could tell you were knew, well, at least the account was. i’ve been here for like 3 years i know like most of the people hanging about even in the dark corners o-)) and i havent’ seen you before so.

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October 09th 2014
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drunkenforcefields replied to your post “skeleton-magnus said: xkit works on firefox still yEAH I KNOW I’M…”

I agree, and am Ridicuously pissed. Im not moving all my crap to firefox.

yeah it’s kinda  a pain to move everything 8(

i’m a bit surprised at the formating tho like firefox has changed a lot

still not as fast as chrome tho…

October 09th 2014
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skeleton-magnus replied to your post “skeleton-magnus said: xkit works on firefox still yEAH I KNOW I’M…”

you get used to it, and the interface is almost exactly like chrome nowadays

i sighed deeply andmoved over to firefox

i’m simply too attached to xkit to like

go without it

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[[ XDDD! For reference, that would be “Shady’s back” like Slim Shady. Who is now Eminem. -shot for knowing that; But.. welcome back? 8’D ]]


o-) well thank you for the trivia answers!! i appreciate those silly little answers uvu

and thank you!!

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skeleton-magnus said: xkit works on firefox still


i sorta like don’t like firefox that much but it’s looking like i’ma have to do it anyways b/c


blogging is tedious without xkit 8(

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u know what rEALLY irks me besides the fact that xkit is gone and i’m readjusting sobs must type my own tags

iS WHEN TUMBLR UNFOLLOWS PEOPLE and i notice like 5ever late

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     ❝I… don’t believe I’ve spoken to you yet. It’s Nautica, correct?❞

There’s going to be a look of surprise at first as the femme is spoken too before she turns completely to face the mech. There’s just the briefest second of confusion as the mech seems to know her name before she’s responding, processor trying to put a name to his face in the mean time.

"That would be correct," she retorts before her helm tilts just the slightest bit to the side. "And you are Fortress Maximus, right?"

"If not, that’s rather embarrassing on my part and I apologize in advance."

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whispers okay today i’m freeeeee

so i will be getting to replies and inbox!!!!!

right now though i’m going back to bed because it’s 5 am and i don’t have to be up till 7

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Send me a ♛ If you want my Skype.

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